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Uber Phone Number Contact

Uber Uk Customer Service Contacts

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Uber is a technology transport company that is currently operating over 45 countries and 452 cities worldwide. The headquarters are located in San Francisco, California. Uber has a well-developed customer support service that is available 24 hours a day. All queries by the customers are entertained by Uber through support service within a matter of few minutes or sometimes hours but it does not take more than 24 hours for Uber to reply. There are five ways for Uber drivers and three ways for Uber customers to avail the support service.

Uber UK is rapidly developing mediums to provide customer service more efficiently. Though Uber is being used by millions of people, they never fail to provide competent customer support service. For the customers, Uber offers help through In-app support, web support at ‘help.uber.com’ and phone support.


Uber Contact Number Uk

Uber contact number uk support is available for help if the FAQs and in-app support do not resolve customer issues. Uber customer service experts are well-trained and are committed to provide information to customers and address their queries in the most efficient manner. The Uber users can also drop a mail at support@uber.com for queries and other concerns. Moreover, for drivers, uber is developing an in-app call support service; the drivers will only need to tap on a blue icon in the app to contact Uber phone number customer support.

Uber’s in-app support is available for Android as well as iPhone users. If the query relates to a trip, the Uber customers may select ‘help’ from the App menu and tap on one of the options under ‘report an issue’. The issue with a specific trip can also be reported through choosing the ‘last trip’ option. The ‘last trip’ option is very helpful for reporting issues with a particular trip.

Frequently asked questions are available over the web service of Uber. If they do not provide sufficient help, the customer may contact Uber Uk at the following email address support@uber.com.‘T.uber.com/contact’ and riders.uber.com/lost are also used for UK by the riders to obtain support service from Uber.

Uber UK customer support service is also available on social media sites. Currently, Twitter is one of the commonly used medium. For trip questions, compliments or serious concerns, you can contact through writing directly on Uber’s twitter account.


Uber Phone Number Uk

You have available a helpline to contact Uber for general queries or to report a complaint about the service or driver, Uber phone number london is 041-580-14068 and a customer service representative will attend your concerns. If you are in USA the free contact number is 800-353-8237, but only attend emergency assistance calls.

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Hello, I am trying to make an uber account, however, it won't let me as it says my telephone number does not match my email address. Please can you help. My email address is alisonlbird@hotmail.co.uk, my phone number is 07743009886. Thanks Alison
Hi After entering my payment card details there is no SAVE button and the NEXT button is out of order. Very frustrating as I was hoping to use the service to get to the airport on what would have been my first Uber ride. Very disappointed. Paul paulcrookson@gmail.com
My friend left her phone is an UBER and there is no way we can contact anyone to get it back. No one replies to the emails we are sending.
Hi, I am trying to schedule a ride but there is no car icon to book in advance on the app? what do i do please? my email is arry12@live.co.uk, tel: 07789589374
I am a uber driver. I have been asked to call you but you have not left a number. Please call me on 07931567304 after 1pm. Thank you
Complain about Uber driver Gary Redman his own mobile is 07963 714581 ,, my contact number is 07507552813 lisa blundell
Is anybody can call me on 07482693482 I was trying to find a number for customer services but I couldn’t find
I left my phone in an UBER and there is no way of contacting the driver. Can someone please call me on 07956974356
uber has come out of my bank account twice totaling to over £30 and when i check my uber account it says no trips have been made apart from the free trip in 2016 which i was not charged for, in september i was charged twice both on the 25th of september there are codes on my bank statement for both uber trips that i have not made please an you contact me on 07895835902 in a uk resident and would like to resolve the matter asap thanks yousef ayub
Hi I'm a Uber driver. several times I have been called you and send emails you. Not responsible. I need to talk with you. Can you call me anytime. My phone number is 07423594858 UK.
Hello . I would like to be Uber customer. I m tryinig to register my details,but das not allowing me to complete my registration.My email is :orkiszewska@mail.com My phone number is:07393864086
Hi i lost my iphone7 plus today at 3:17am this morning, i drop it in uber car. The driver name Emanuel,please help me to get my phone back. Please contact me this number 07450254720
Hi,I left my phone in the Uber car last night,can somebody please call contact me,saranjeetsharma10@gmail.com this my email Thanks
Hi i left my iphone 6s plus in my last uber driver's car and dont know how to contact him. I have gone to the help section on uber help but has not received anything. Its been 24 hours now. My contact number is +44 7453 275539 and email is syamsina.1610@hotmail.com