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Kindle Customer Service Contact

Contact Kindle Customer Service

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Kindle is a technology company by Amazon established in 2007. It is a series of e-reader designed and sold by Amazon to enable users to read eBooks, newspapers, magazines and other digital media content through wireless networking to the Kindle Store. The product allows users to search, buy and download the reading materials on their Kindle device and read at their convenience.

Kindle is a strategic company product for Amazon to make it easier for the company to market and sell its intellectual authored content like e-books, newspaper, and magazines from million of writers who chose Amazon to sell their products. Kindle provides readers easy access to read e-content using any series of the products.

Support and Assistance


Contact Kindle technical support

In case you have any issue with your Kindle device you have several ways to contact Kindle fire, the most popular is to use Kindle contact number but you can also contact by mail or by chat.

In any case, a customer service representative of Kindle will help you with your queries. kindle is a product developed by the company known as Amazon Incorporated and it serves the purpose of allowing people to read electronic contents through a wireless connection to kindle store. The materials or contents that can be read on the kindle device include newspapers, magazines, e-books, and any other form of digital media.

Since it’s a device developed by a company, there is a Kindle contact us option and a phone number to call. Also the company ensures maximum quality is delivered in the kindle devices and there has been little or no complain which goes to show that people have been enjoying exceptional customer care from the company in the purchase of the kindle product.


Kindle Customer Service uk

The Kindle support system is very prompt, you simply have to log on to amazon.com and from there you can search for support for Kindle fire content. Amazon kindle fire customer service has all the general questions answered on the page under different categories like manage Kindle content, browser, lend and rent Kindle Books, synchronise content across fire and Kindle devices Kindle content type and features, send documents to your Kindle or fire. Almost all the questions that possibly a user could have, has been answered here and all the troubleshooting can be done by going through the instructions given on the page.

If you still feel like talking to a Kindle customer service UK executive then you can give them a call at Kindle phone number 08002797245. This is the free contact number for the UK people to contact the Kindle customer service department. The helpline is open from Monday to Sunday from 9 am to 12 am.

If you are wanting to contact the Amazon kindle customer service from outside UK you can either try adding the country code that is +44 to the given number to contact them or you can also try to call them at 1-206 -266-0927. Though this number is not a toll-free number and you will be applicable to pay some charges for calling this number.

Also, you can request a callback feature from the Kindle customer care but under the callback feature, they only have few countries available. Whereas the other countries do not have the free callback service hence you will have to give them a call through the above-given number.



Kindle Phone Number

Visit the Kindle website and navigate to the help section. Click on the link “Customer” and then hit the Kindle Contact us button. There is a form on the page that you will need to fill, listed below are the sections of the form that you will be asked to fill:

  • What can Kindle Uk help you with?
  • Tell Kindle Uk more about your issue: Here, there are a lot of options to select from.
  • Once you make a choice, you will get another dropdown where you can choose an option that specifically explains your issue further.
  • Then a description/information of how to have the issue resolved comes up.

If, however the information does not help you, you will find three options just beneath the solution which you can pick anyone of them to resolve your issue. You can pick any of email or phone or chat.

If you choose email, you will be able to write an email describing the issue you are facing and wait for Kindle customer service team to reply your email.

If you choose “Phone”, you will be directed to another page where there is a form to fill your phone number. After filling in your phone number, you get two options; “Call me now” or “Call me in 5 minutes”. You can pick whichever you are convenient with and a Kindle customer care representative will call you once the request is received by the Amazon Kindle customer support team. Call me now is highly recommended so you can get a speedy response and assistance.

As much as the above is the most effective way of getting in touch with Kindle customer support, there is another option; the general help line, but this takes time because you will need to answer some questions to verify your identity. Kindle phone numbers are 0800 279 7245 for freephone within the UK and +44 203 356 6212.


kindle Helpline

With more users coming on board, Kindle Uk will be getting more engagement with customers for one reason or the other. It could be a request, a complaint or an inquiry into the services of the Kindle company.

There are a lot of UK residents who use the services of Kindle and would like to get in touch with Kindle helpline but do not know exactly how. This article will discuss extensively how to get in touch with the UK Amazon Kindle customer care representatives.

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Had great trouble registering my kindle with amazon. Now I can't down load books. I have never been involved with a more user unfriendly site. Please advise. Had no such problems with Kobo.
hiya there iam wonder if u can help me I just kindle for my birthday how do u switch Wi-Fi of on kindel
Dead Sir/Madam,I have a kindle fire (Christmas present) . How do I transfer all my books from an old kindle- (the first model produced )to this new tablet. Any advice would be most welcome. Thanks in anticipation. Regards, Ian Miles.
I have just noticed you have been taking money off my credit card after I'd cancelled my membership
An agent was to ring me on Saturday to have a further attempt at getting my Kindle paperwhite working. She cleared my books off 0ver 500 and said they would come back. At present I am worse off than when she started as I don't have any of my books and the 3 G which was the initial problem is still not working. I need to speak to someone as I am very dis-satisfied at present. Elizabeth Read lizread9@yahoo.co.uk
I can't connect to m y wireless. All other devices that I have are connecting ok.so there is nothing wrong with my connection